If you and your clients are spending way too much time with paper applications and manual processing, then it’s time to check out EaseCentral.

An online benefit communication and enrollment tool, EaseCentral allows you to easily manage employee benefits, onboarding and compliance in one central location. And it’s so easy to use, you can set up your first small group in less than an hour!

Other solutions present benefit options but don’t allow for small group enrollment. EaseCentral maintains carrier-specific enrollment forms for over 50 benefit plan types, all of which are easily completed online.

Take a closer look at what EaseCentral can do for you and your clients:

Become more efficient.
EaseCentral provides a centralized platform to help you manage your entire book of business efficiently. That means you can manage a lot more business with the same staff.

Let EaseCentral deal with complicated ACA rates.
To quote group accounts, you just select carrier rate tables from drop-down menus. Thousands of pre-set rates are available. EaseCentral calculates and communicates rates for employees and their families automatically.

Save time with data-mapped forms.
After you select enrollment forms from our library, employee data is automatically mapped and presented to employees for e-signatures. Then you can submit the completed forms to carriers with the click of a mouse. And you never have to deal with paper again.

Take advantage of automatic document tracking.
EaseCentral keeps a detailed and accurate audit trail every time an employee views, completes or acknowledges any required form.

Offer an affordable large group solution.
With EaseCentral, you can enroll large groups without the typical large costs. For as little as 10¢ per employee per month, you can enroll as many employees in as many plans as needed.

Want to know more about EaseCentral?  Click on the button below or call your helpful Warner Pacific Sales Consultant at 800-801-2300 to schedule a demo. Once you sign up for EaseCentral, one-on-one webinar training and support will be available for you and your staff.

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